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Donna Malus Avatar

We want to see who you are!

Avatars are those little profile pictures you see everywhere. They are much nicer than the default images shown if you don't upload something.

Shy about showing your face? How about an image of your bowed psaltery or a favorite pet?

Now you may be thinking it's a bother to add a profile picture. It's not difficult and doesn't take much time.

Follow these instructions:

- Pick an image you want to share and save it to a convenient place on your device.

- Log in to Psaltery Strings

- Click on the down arrow next to your name on the left side of the header. - Select Profile and click

- On the left side of your profile page is a box with your name on it. Click on the circular image on top of your name.

- Select the image from the browsing window that opened up; then click on open in the lower right side of the window.

Now you should have an Avatar!

While you are on your profile page look it over. The second section in the blue box is titled "About". Please take a minute and tell us a little about yourself. For you private folks, share a little information about your experience with the bowed psaltery.

So, you've come this far. I'm asking one more thing. Update any information you need to on your profile. There isn't very much. At least share your first name! I'll beg if you want me to.

It's simple to edit your profile info:

- Select the edit button located in the top right corner of the light blue box in your profile

- Click on it

- Make your changes and click update at the top right corner of the blue box

Once that's completed we will be officially introduced. I look forward to getting to know you.

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