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It's Been a Long Time Coming...

Procrastination is the middle name my folks should have given me!

Finally, a new site. Psaltery Strings was first published in January of 2010. It was a labor of love but definitely a labor. I learned a lot though and I love to learn. As you would expect the learning didn't stop at publication and changes were made through the years.

Changes also occurred with the platform Psaltery Strings was built on. I didn't care for the changes and wanted to relocate but I knew what a huge task it was going to be. As a very busy, working person I found lots of excuses to put it off.

Since then I relocated to Ohio, a major process in itself and am now very happily retired. Excuses became scarce so, after a few false starts I successfully moved Psaltery Strings. Yes, a lot more learning but don't let me fool you. I'm a geek and love tech and computer mumbo jumbo!

Through the 12 years the original Psaltery Strings was live approximately 1500 members passed through it's roster. I've met many of the names on that roster and have developed wonderful friendships. Discovering the Bowed Psaltery changed my life and led me to exciting new places, people and music.

Procrastination conquered (at least put off until later), I hope to meet many new folks on this web site and others, experience a whole lot of new music, attend new events and continue on this wonderful journey that began well over a decade ago.

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