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Bowed Psalteries & Supplies

Watercolor Wash Transparent

Bowed Psaltery Builders

These are "handcrafted" builders of bowed psalteries. They are all wonderful so look through the list, the order is random. I did not include the mass manufacturers, my experience with those instruments has not been as positive as with those made with love. Click on the company names to visit their website.  You will find bowed psaltery supplies here as well. 

Rick Long in Clinton, TN

Tish and Greg Westman in Beckley, WV.

Sharon and Terry Kirby in Massillon, OH

Russell Cook in Bennington, OK

James Jones in Bedford, VA

Thomas Cook in Atlanta, GA

T.K. O'Brien in Lake Junaluska, NC

 Jessica and Gene Jaeger in Brooker, FL

Stillwater, MN

Bill Berg in Nashville, IN

Gotzmer Family in Southern Maryland

Jerry Read Smith in Asheville, NC

Branson, MO    

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